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BEST in adorable organic baby bodysuits that also function as baby's toy, teether, and pacifier keeper!

My Baby's Keeper bodysuit by Happy Baby, LLC is a high quality 100% Organic cotton patented bodysuit where baby's belongings can be securely attached.  Parents and caregivers find themselves repeatedly bending, picking up and washing- off baby's belongings that have accidentally fallen on the floor or that have been intentionally thrown by baby. My Baby's Keeper allows for the attachment of toys, pacifiers, and teethers directly to baby's clothing, enabling baby to play with his/her belongings without parents worrying about sanitizing them when they have fallen to the ground. 

Additionally, My Baby's Keeper may help baby develop hand-eye coordination when baby sees belongings attached to his/her clothing and attempts to reach for them over and over again.  My Baby's Keeper also may assist baby with learning how to grasp objects, which, in turn, enables baby to play.

My Baby's Keeper bodysuits are both fashionable and functional.  Babies can wear My Baby's Keeper bodysuits even when baby's belongings are not attached since the opening is simply part of the design.  

Sister team, Tracey and Jaclyn, envisioned working together at some point in their lives. Together they developed My Baby's Keeper by Happy Baby, LLC, a bodysuit product that is cute and fashionable, but most importantly practical!  

The northeast has been Tracey and Jaclyn's home from birth to adulthood and now is the start of their business, which began in the summer of 2013.  

Three year old Nathaniel, Jaclyn's son, was the original tester of My Baby's Keeper bodysuits. Now you will find Jaclyn's son Matthew wearing My Baby's Keeper in his highchair, in stores, in the pediatrician's office, visiting family, or while taking a walk in his stroller, amongst other places.  

Tracey is the mother of three children. Although Tracey's children are past the diaper stage, she is the innovator of My Baby's Keeper.  Jaclyn brought this vision to life with her creative sewing and design skills.

Tracey and Jaclyn are two happy moms who designed clothing that provides both stimulation for baby and peace of mind for the parent.  My Baby's Keeper is sensible, useful and makes a great gift for both new and seasoned parents and caregivers.

"Keep baby happy with My Baby's Keeper."  



My Baby's Keeper is a registered trademark of Happy Baby, LLC.

Contact us at info@mybabyskeeper.com